Metallurgical material

Company IT Bohemia offers a wide range of metallurgical material. Our customers can access our 10,000 tons of metallurgical material inventory, which is located in the central warehouse in Pilsen and Melnik.

Steel sheets

Hot-rolled sheets

Thick sheets rolled

Patterned sheets rolled

Abrasion resistant plates

Cold-rolled sheets






Drawn bars – round, square, flat, hexagonal
Rolled bars – round, square, flat
Steel sections – I, IPE, T
Steel sections – U, UE, UPE
Steel sections – HEA, HEB, HEM





Seamless tubes – smooth, threaded, accurate
Welded tubes – design and smooth



Square, rectangular
Closed profiles – L, Z, T
Open profiles, L, U


Reinforcing steel, KARI nets

Ribbed bars
KARI nets


Drawn steel

Drawn steel


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